Is this blog for me?

Get into Chiropractic School?   – Check
Pass all Classes and Boards?       – Check
Graduate with a Chiropractic Doctorate Degree?      – Hell Yeah!   CHECK!
Realize how big student loans are?     -Oh……check.

You’ve accomplished every goal you had when you decided to answer your Chiropractic call.  Now what?????

Over 3,000 students graduate every year with a Chiropractic degree and do the same routine and dance.  They either become an associate (cause they are scared, like I did) or they open up an office not really knowing what they are doing…..and get lost in the crowd.

This blog is for YOU!

TDT – (Tomorrow’s . Doctor . Today)  is a group that has been created with the sole purpose of empowering new and prospective doctors to learn the business side of Chiropractic.  I have no doubt in my mind that Chiropractic Care is the premiere system of future Health Care.

What good does a failing Chiropractor do to his community?  His patients? Himself?

Join us so you can stay motivated and passionate about your profession, learn a bit of what I have learned in my journey and share some of the results you have had in yours.

Let’s make it happen!

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