TDT Uncovers the Driving Motivation Behind 5 of the Most Successful People Ever – Dr. Matt Lindsay



Do you wonder what motivates and drives some of the most successful people in the world? Often, the answer to the above question is one of the following: Power, money, or fame. Maybe those are motivators for some people, but not for the most successful.  

The factors that keep successful people going are much deeper. We can learn valuable lessons from these people and how they are able to achieve sustained success. Here is what was the driving force, the motivation that drove the what are arguably the 5 most successful people in history.


Michael Jordan



Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.  He became one of the best by using failure as motivation. Jordan was quoted saying, “I despise it when I fail at something…because it often means I lost. I hate losing more than I like winning! One’s ability to cope and use failure to their advantage can make them work even harder…hard enough to succeed.”


When Jordan was in high school, he failed to make the varsity team his sophomore year. The day he found out he wasn’t on the team, he went home, locked his room, and cried himself to sleep. At that point, he could have given up. Instead, he went to work. He spent hours practicing basketball and once said when he got tired on the court he would visualize the varsity basketball list without his name.  That would give him the motivation to start going again.


The next year, Jordan made the varsity team and averaged more than 20 points per game. His senior year he averaged a triple-double. He could have become complacent, but he continued to work his ass off! His work ethic combined with failure as his motivation, helped him win six NBA championships, earn six NBA MVP awards, six-time NBA Finals MVPs, and much more.


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan


Oprah Winfrey



Oprah Winfrey didn’t grow up privileged. She was poor, abused, and a minority in the 1950’s. The odds were not in her favor. Though most people would have used her background as an excuse, she did not.

Oprah once said on the Larry King Show, “Basically the message of The Secret is the message I have been trying to share with the world on my show for the past 21 years. The message is that you are really responsible for your life. You are responsible for your life.” She also said, “the way you think creates reality for yourself.”

Oprah’s motivation was understanding she could accomplish big things in her life by owning her outcomes. Instead of using her horrible past as a crutch, Winfrey took responsibility for her life.


Some of her accomplishments include a top-rated talk show, the OWN television network, an estimated net worth of $3 billion, and numerous philanthropy projects where she has given away hundreds of millions of dollars.


Steve Jobs


There is no doubt Steve Jobs changed the lives of millions of people. He was brilliant. The motivation behind some of his biggest accomplishments was death.


Jobs said in a commencement speech at Stanford,” Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.  Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”

During that speech, he also said, “for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”Steve_Jobs_portrait_by_tumb

To Jobs, there was no bigger motivator then death. Knowing he would eventually die helped him accomplish outlandish goals. It was even used as a motivator to create some of his boldest inventions including the iPhone and iPad.



Walt Disney


Most of Walt Disney’s early life was checkered with failure.  He even filed bankruptcy in his early 20s after the failure of a cartoon series in Kansas City. Luckily, for millions of children and adults, his curiosity to do big things kept him going.


Disney said “If you dream it, you can do it.  We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.  All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”


This thirst for curiosity helped him produce Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and several more Disney characters.  Additionally, curiosity led him to purchase swamp land in Florida for the future of the most well-known theme park in the world – Walt Disney World.


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney


Tony Robbins



According to Tony Robbin’s website, he is the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.  He has helped more than 50 million people worldwide through his audio, video, and life training programs. Jillian Knox Finley wrote, “We asked Robbins what he believed to be the single most significant gap standing between mediocrity and greatness.  His response: HUNGER.

Tony-Robbins-Inspirational-Business-Quotes - Copy

According to Finley, Robbins said,”I think the most common thing is hunger.  If you look at the people who are most successful on the face of the earth, they don’t just have hunger for a while.  They have hunger for a lifetime.” Robbins, himself, has hunger to simply help people. His hunger is how he has been able to help so many people over the past 38 plus years.


The most successful people aren’t successful because they were chasing money, power, or fame.  They are successful because they have something deep within motivating them to succeed.

tony-robbins-describes-his-intense-morning-routine - Copy

By :  Dr. Matt Lindsay

TDT’s 10 Daily Rituals to Become a Lion Among Sheep – By: Dr. Matt Lindsay

FullSizeRender (14)

We live in a society of “SHEEP”  People are sensitive to everything. A world where people need safe spaces because their feelings got hurt. If we don’t prefer something, we complain. People think life isn’t fair to only them. They put the blame on others instead of themselves. It’s in this world, one breed that stands tall. THE LION!!! Lions will rise against the sheep. The Lions are the successful ones. Every time you turn to look around, they’ve accomplished something greater. While you are staying a sheep, their roar is getting louder. Those who are lions started as cubs. Perhaps they were once sheep themselves. But you can transform into a Lion.

 TDT’s 10 Daily Rituals of the Lions in the World:

1. A Lion gets up before sunrise

Most people get out of bed and go straight to work. They take hours to get started. Then it’s lunch time. Their full and unproductive once again. They go home from work executing minimal.

The lion gets up before the sunrise. They wake between four and five in the morning. When you’re getting up, a lion has done work. In what you achieve in one day, a lion has accomplished by nine in the morning.

Lions include this practice on the weekends. They don’t slip into the mediocrity mindset. They don’t care about going out and partying. A lions work wakes him.

2. A Lion Takes COLD Showers

While most people don’t dare to take a cold shower, a lion takes one everyday. Whether it’s zero degrees or eighty degrees, he knows through this uncomfortable process, he will get stronger.

A lion understands that if he can get an edge over his competition, he will take it. Hot showers have no benefit for a person. Cold showers can help relieve your stress and boost your energy levels.

No matter how tough it might be, a lion will take a cold shower. Others will think of him as crazy, he knows the average mindset speaking.

3. A Lion Reads for 1 hour a day

Lions are improving themselves every day. The person they were last month doesn’t compare to the person they were today. Lions read between fifty to sixty books per year. They read books on everything and have a vast knowledge of the world.

Sheep read one book per year if that. They’re not listening to audiotapes in the car. Reading a book won’t cross their mind. Lions will use this to their advantage. A true lion knows if it wants to get ahead in life, he must apply the knowledge he reads. He’s a voracious reader and let’s nothing stand in his way.

4. A Lion Completes your predetermined daily tasks

Before each day, a lion writes what he must achieve. He numbers the list and knows when he wakes up the next morning, he’ll hit the ground running.

With the tasks to achieve, a lion is sacred in completing them. No one will stop him from achieving the day. When a lion sets these tasks, they are out of his reach. This will force him to grow.

He will not sleep until his tasks are done. Lions have the self-discipline it takes to become successful. They know it starts with what they do each day.

5. A Lion doesn’t waste time

Sheep of the world spend countless hours on their phone and watching TV. You wouldn’t dare to see a lion use a TV in his house. They don’t want that temptation.

The only time they use their phone is if they are doing business. While majority of people are wasting time on social media, lions are completing their tasks. They are getting faster and they are getting stronger. Lions use this as an asset.

A lion uses the power of suppression to dull the need to waste time. They don’t pick up the phone unless they need to. Lions don’t know what’s happening in the world. They are one-hundred percent focused on growing their business and mastering their craft.

6. A Lion Eats healthy 

Lions pay attention to what they’re eating. Sheep eat everything in sight. They don’t understand how it will affect their performance. Sheep put it off until tomorrow while a lion focuses on today.

A lion will plan out his meals according to a schedule. He knows when to take a break and eat. He focuses on eating the foods that will sustain and give him energy throughout the day. A sheep never pays attention to his diet. A lion will gain power. Trust me, they put it to their best use.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – La Rochefoucauld


7. A Lion Exercises

Someone who’s a lion never goes a full day without exercise. Whether that’s power lifting or cardio. You wouldn’t catch a lion not improving his body. A sheep is one to never workout.

Lions have their programs for working out. They either purchased these or work with a trainer. Lions understand that it’s not only important to strengthen your mind, but to strengthen your body. There’s not one place in which a lion wants to lack.

Sometimes a lion won’t want to workout. He’ll still force himself to go to the gym or go outside for a run. Once again, a lion sees this as themselves getting stronger.

8. A Lion follows their PURPOSE

A lion doesn’t want to work for someone else. Each and every one of us has our own calling. The sheep will tremble in fear. They think others will think different of them. Sheep are paralyzed by their fears of what could go wrong.

The Lion goes after his dream, even if he knows he might fail. He’d want to spend his entire life chasing his dream rather than creating someone else’s. With each passing day, a lion is getting better on his craft.

Every person in this world knows what their passion is. It’s hidden inside of ourselves. Sheep keep it trapped while lions let it roar.

9. SHOWS others why they’re the beast

Everyone wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what beasts do. When others are scared to take a risk, lions capitalize. When there’s blood in the streets, lions make a fortune.

Sheep procrastinate on their tasks. They put it off until tomorrow. A lion smells fear and goes in for the kill. They don’t wait for the ideal time. There is never a more perfect time than in the present.

When it’s Saturday night and the sheep are out partying, the lion is grinding. He doesn’t use a parameter for time. The weekend is another day to work on his craft.

10. A Lion isn’t AFRAID to SCARE himself

Lions have one task every day that scares them.
A lion might meditate for twenty minutes instead of ten. It could be making one-hundred sales call in a day instead of fifty. A lion knows if it wants to grow, he must get out of its comfort zone.

While the sheep stay complacent, a lion is scaring themselves. They want to meet failure, to learn from the circumstance. A sheep wouldn’t dare to break out of their daily routine. Lions venture into new territory. Places they’ve never been. They conquer new lands and hold the throne to new kingdoms.


By:  Dr. Matt Lindsay

TDT’s 7 Characteristics That Separate A Boss From A Leader – By: Dr. Matt Lindsay

While a leader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader.FullSizeRender (6) Although leaders and bosses have nearly identical definitions, in effect, they are different in today’s competitive world.

Just the term “leader” evokes more positivity than that of “boss.” However, when people dream of getting to higher positions in life, business or politics, they dream more about being bosses than leaders.

A possible explanation for this is that being a leader requires much more responsibility in a job than being a boss, seeing as being the boss doesn’t necessarily require going above and beyond to impress a superior.

While a boss is mostly concerned with outcomes, a leader feels responsible for the process of that outcome and the people who see it out. Check out some major points that distinguish a leader from a boss:

1. Leaders lead rather than rule.

Throughout history, the best chiefs headed their troops in fights or campaigns or whatever. The troops were not afraid because their leader was right there with them. Leaders are there to lead the team forward and to move together.

2. Leaders listen and speak rather than command.

Bosses tend to give orders; they need their employees to listen and to obey. However, leaders always listen to the opinions of their colleagues and regard them as important.

Leaders are always ready for advising, discussion and any feedback an employee has to offer. This reciprocity makes any individual employee feel stronger and gives him or her confidence to follow the leader.FullSizeRender (7)

3. Leaders motivate rather than terrify.

While working on projects, people have their ups and downs. Through this roller coaster, bosses are more likely to intimidate into action while leaders will motivate to action.

One of the best things about leaders is that they offer empathy and prepare a group for the tasks at hand. This is very important, seeing as whenever colleagues are not prepared for certain duties, leaders are there to support, teach and back them up. Leaders know that each employee is on the team for a reason and they have faith in every concerted effort.

4. Leaders teach and learn rather than expect and ignore.

A true leader is the person who has self-esteem, but who is not arrogant nor embarrassed to learn from those with lower titles. They know that it is never late to learn more.

This explains the tendency of leaders to always pay attention to their colleagues, knowing there is always more to  learn from them. Moreover, leaders are not only takers, but givers, as well. A good leader is not greedy for sharing knowledge and experience with someone else; instead, the leader teaches and nurtures new professionals.

5. Leaders take part rather than stay aside.

While bosses choose to stay aside in the job, leaders take initiative. They watch over the progress of work, make adjustments where necessary and aid team members. They choose to be a part of the team rather than bossing the team around.

6. Leaders reprimand rather than scold or shout.

When necessary, a leader offers constructive criticism. However, a leader never scolds or shouts at any individual, especially in public. They do understand that they are dealing with people and no one has right to humiliate others. Rather, the leader talks to the person individually and without any spike in temper.

7. Leaders establish equal relationships.

FullSizeRender (5)Anyone who has ever worked on a team knows what it feels like when the manager chooses his favorites and non-favorites. It always causes stress and tension among team members which compromises productivity.

A good leader tries to treat everyone equally and to not allow personal preferences affect the team dynamic.

During your life, you will face two kinds of managers: leaders and bosses. It does not matter how high the position of these individuals; bossy people are more likely to fail while those who lead will succeed.

Maybe the things I mentioned above do not make any sense for you now, but eventually, you will experience the difference and garner a greater understanding of which manager you prefer for your own professional life.

By:  Dr. Matt Lindsay

Why Limited Associateships Are Killing Chiropractors – By: Dr. Matt Lindsay


Ask yourself something……Are you a circus elephant ??????

Seriously, are you a circus elephant ?????? Think about that one!

You guys have seen them, how these ‘elephant trainers’ at circuses are able to control this 2-ton elephants with a mere shackle tied down to a wooden stake to the ground.  These majestic, memorable , powerful animals are being held by a stake in the ground that literally you or I could move with the use of our bare hands.

Why is that?  You see, when a baby elephant gets handed to a circus they put a shackle on him attached to a wooden stake to the ground.  He will try and try with all his power to get out of it with no success, eventually creating pain.  Until he gives up.  In his head, doesn’t matter what he does he is bound to that wooden stake for the rest of his life.  His mind has been trapped in a box full of limits.

Once the circus elephant grows up to be a 2-ton glorious elephant he will still believe that wooden stake holds him back.  He has been conditioned to believe that getting out of the stake is not only painful, but futile.  He won’t even try.  All of his potential, his strength, his majesty are being held down by his acceptance on believing those limitations.

I ask you again, are you a circus elephant?

For me, the answer was yes. Let me repeat that, it WAS yes.  I was an associate for a full year and half in an office that didn’t appreciate what I did, and most of the time hated how I did it.  Only because I was led to believe I :  “_______________________________________”

  1. “Needed the experience”
  2. “That I needed to pay my dues.”
  3. “60% of Chiropractors fail within one year of opening a practice”
  4. “Banks aren’t giving loans. Unless I have a rich uncle, where am i going to get the money to start?”
  5. “My student loans are way too big…maybe I should work for someone else for a while.”
  6. “I’m not ready”
  7. “I couldn’t do any better and that there were thousands of Dr. Matt’s out there! That I was a dime a dozen.”

These were all the limitations, my wooden stake, that I had right after graduating.  It held me back.  I struggled to believe I was going to be able to do it on my own.  I was conditioned to believe this, associateship,  was the natural and safest way to go.  The other route, the entrepreneurial route, was painful and futile.  Why are associateships killing Chiropractors?Because it’s creating circus elephants in our profession. 

Most Associates are conditioned to think in limits.  With a wooden stake of doubt, of fear, of anger against the profession.  There are people that graduated with me three years ago that started as associates and now don’t even practice Chiropractic.  That is sad!

They are bound by a prison of the mind where they never believe they are good enough, or ready enough.  It is scary, once you get comfortable making ‘decent’ ( i call it meager) money to start again from zero.  So they are stuck, never fulfilling their potential while working for someone else.

There are many that are able to break from those shackles.  Some that decide they don’t want to be circus elephants anymore.  It’s not easy.  Believe me.  It wasn’t easy.  A whole mind shift has to happen to take that leap of faith and use all our power to set ourselves free.  The best part is, that when we do decide to use our 2-ton power of potential, we realize one major thing.


Call to Action:
Four steps to NOT become a circus elephant:

  1. Feed the Hunger. One of the best ways to defeat limitations is with desire. Feed it! Make sure your desire to be great is more than any limitation holding you back. “Want Success as much as you want to breathe.”
  2. Set Goals and keep them close to you.  Goals keep you motivated and keeping them close will always make sure you are motivated to fight for them. Put them in your fridge door, bathroom mirror or car dashboard. Get obsessed and consumed by them. Then take action!
  3. Use your PEAK experience or internship as a Doctor learning experience. Do your due diligence and make sure you pick the right PEAK doctor. One that will let you adjust, do physical exams, take X-rays, talk to patients. Not one that will make you another one of his/her CA’s. Those six months are for you to learn how to be a doctor. Not a secretary.
  4. Get a Mentor. The game changer for me. This step made me the doctor I am today. It made me understand that my year as an associate was a wooden stick holding me down. That I had the potential to change the world as a Chiropractic Entrepreneur. Mentors are VITAL to success. Get yourself one!

By:  Dr. Matt Lindsay