TDT’s Unreal Reads: Babies Show Ripple Effects of Mother’s Stress from 9/11 Trauma – Dr. Matt Lindsay


Ripple Effects of Mother’s Stress from 9/11 Trauma are a VERY REAL THING!

Chevy Chase, MD, May 3, 2005 – Pregnant women present during the September 11 World Trade Center collapse have passed on markers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to their unborn babies through trans-generational transmission. The findings strengthen the evidence for in utero or early life risk factors for the later development of adult mental or physical disorders. The study will be published online today in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, one of the four journals produced by The Endocrine Society.

060910cover-3Previous studies led researchers to believe that reduced cortisol levels observed in the adult children of Holocaust survivors could be attributed to mostly environmental factors, such as the stress of living with a parent who is depressed or anxious, or the experience of vicarious traumatization based on hearing stories of how parents suffered, rather than a ‘transmitted’ biological trait. “In the current study, reduced stress hormone levels were observed in infants, suggesting a larger role for very early environmental, genetic, or genetic-environmental interactions than previously thought,” explains Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D., principal investigator of the study.

Scientists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the University of Edinburgh studied the 060910cover-1relationship between maternal posttraumatic stress syndrome disorder (PTSD) symptoms and salivary cortisol levels in 38 women and their infants. Mothers who experienced symptoms of PTSD in response to 9/11 had lower cortisol levels compared to mothers who did not develop this condition. Moreover, approximately one year after birth, the babies of mothers who had developed PTSD symptoms had significantly lower cortisol levels compared to that in babies of mothers who developed only minimal symptoms. This decrease in cortisol levels among the infants was similar to their mothers’ hormonal response to PTSD. Since lower cortisol levels in relation to maternal PTSD were most apparent in babies born to mothers who were in their third trimester on 9/11, the data implicate the possibility of in utero effects as contributors to a putative biological risk factor for PTSD.

“The findings suggest that mechanisms for transgenerational transmission of biologic effects of trauma may have to do with very early parent-child attachments,” says Dr. Yehuda, “and possibly even in utero effects related to cortisol programming.”

JCE&M is one of four journals published by The Endocrine Society. Founded in 1916, The Endocrine Society is the world’s oldest, largest, and most active organization devoted to research on hormones, and the clinical practice of endocrinology. Endocrinologists are specially trained doctors who diagnose, treat and conduct basic and clinical research on complex hormonal disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol and reproductive disorders. Today, The Endocrine Society’s membership consists of over 12,000 scientists, physicians, educators, nurses and students, in more than 80 countries. Together, these members represent all basic, applied, and clinical interests in endocrinology. The Endocrine Society is based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. To learn more about the Society, and the field of endocrinology, visit the Society’s web site at

TDT’s Top 5 Things ‘Successful Chiropractors’ do with their ‘Spare Time’ (YES…..SEX IS ONE OF THEM) – By: Dr. Matt Lindsay


One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is……the spare time you get from working for the RIGHT OFFICE…or from being your own boss.  I won’t lie.  It’s fun!

Everyone that has met me knows that i’m a big believer that Chiropractors should work in their business 3-4 days a week.  Period.  You can be VERY SUCCESSFUL with that amount of time inside your office.

That means though, that you get extra time to work ON YOUR BUSINESS.  The way we spend our ‘spare time’ is that difference maker between a good successful chiropractor and a chiropractor that can call himself or herself one of Tomorrow’s Doctors Today. There is one thing I want to make very clear….This blog is not about slacking, pissing time away or “Half-Assing” anything! All I know is GRIND…and if you want your practice or business to remain where is currently is or if you want to take it to new heights…wake up and work your face off! You as a young “DOC” (Doctor of Cause) need to know know that this entry has nothing to do with wasting time…in fact, quite the opposite, it’s about making your spare time work for you and to enjoy yourself because what you do in your spare time or free time is just as important as waking up when all is still dark and the “OTHER GUY” and the rest of the world is still sleeping!

#LoveTheWork!   #8tofaint!

Not only should you love the time you spend in your office and make it as productive as possible, but the same love should be placed on your time outside of the office. Here are 5 things Successful Chiropractors do outside the office with their ‘spare time’.


1)  Public Speaking

Successful Chiropractors are great communicators.  They use their time to not only get better at public speaking…but actually doing public speaking.  Being a speaker at a school, a networking group or in your own office is the best way to get new patients.  As a speaker people will view you as an expert in health.  You were “invited” to go to that event.  You took from your time to “grace your audience” with your presence.  Very different from screenings where you usually have to pay to be there, you are invading people’s space, etc.  First thing to do, get GREAT at Public Speaking. The way you do that is to practice by yourself, in front of a mirror or a camera to record yourself. Then, join a club or a group that will give you the opportunity to practice. (If you’re at Life University we can definitely help you with that at our Elite P.E.A.K. Internship Opportunity or with the TDT Platform D.C. Training Team.  If you are interested in becoming our newest member, feel free to email me at:  and then schedule those speaking engagements anywhere they’ll have you. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.  Promised!

2)  Read/Listen to Podcasts/Personal Development 

I feel like I always talk about this.  But that’s how passionate I am about it.  Reading THE RIGHT books have changed my life.  On this blog you can see a list of my favorite ones, and the ones recommended to any new Chiropractor/Entrepreneur.  Podcasts and Books can be a huge source of motivation and learning…you’ll get better the more you read and listen!  It’s like math.  2 +2= 4. The more you read books and the more you listen to successful people = the better at your business you’ll be.  Get motivated!  Get Successful!

3)  Exercise

Simple yet effective.  People who exercise in their spare time are happier, more energized and are more productive (which is the point to this whole thing).  Not only will you look better when standing in front of a big crowd, like step 1, and your clothe will fit better.  But you will be able to show in your demeanor that you live what you preach.  As you very well know, that goes a long way.

4)  Be Thankful

On your spare time, be thankful for the opportunity of being an Entrepreneur.  This lifestyle will grant you the ability to do things not many people get to do.  Create a habit to be thankful for everything around you.  Let’s make a list of things to be thankful for in our spare time:  We get to pick the people we get to work with everyday.  We have an opportunity to add value to people’s lives.  We don’t have to ask permission to try something crazy.  Receiving payment for value delivered. Nothing compares to that feeling.  We are the owners of our own life.  The joy of seeing a sliver of light after some dark, dark, days. On Day 2,743…when the world celebrates your “overnight success”. (Love being thankful for this one).  The chance to try.  To fail.  To try again and flail around.  Then, with some luck and a lot of hard work, to flourish.  When we are thankful the universe rewards us with more of what we are thankful for!

“Time = Life”     –    Therefore, Waste your time = Waste your life     or     Master your time = Master your life.

And Yes….Last…and Definitely NOT Last…#5

5)  Have Sex

Yeah, I said it!!!  SEX!  Hmmm…So let’s mention some of the many benefits of having sex and how it will make you a better entrepreneur.  Sex helps grow, maintain and accurately replicate brain cells and protects your brain from stress: Sex helps you feel more confident about yourself.  Sex allows you to get what you want, when you want it.  Sex allows you to express the art of giving.  Sex feels good.  Sex actually makes you more attractive to others. Sex makes you sleep better, so you are re-energized for your next day at the office. Sex makes you happier! Still not 100% convinced? Here are the fact and pertinent details from an article from Dr. Joseph Mercola!

According to Dr. Mercola:

  1.  People who have sex frequently (one or two times a week) have significantly higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA). Your IgA immune system is your body’s first line of defense. Its job is to fight off invading organisms at their entry points, reducing or even eliminating the need for activation of your body’s immune system.improved-immunity

  2. Men who made love regularly (at least twice a week) were 45 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who did so once a month or less, according to one study.good-heart

  3. Sexual activity, and specifically intercourse, is linked to better stress response and lower blood pressure.lower-bp

  4. Sex helps to boost your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen muscles, just like exercise. In fact, research recently revealed that sex burns about 4 calories a minute for men and 3 for women, making it (at times) a ‘significant’ form of exercise. It can even help you to maintain your flexibility and balance.form-exer

  5. Sexual activity releases pain-reducing hormones and has been found to help reduce or block back and leg pain, as well as pain from menstrual cramps, arthritis and headaches. One study even found that sexual activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and cluster-headache patients.pain-relief

  6. Research has shown that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month (during sex or masturbation) have a lower risk of prostate cancer. This link needs to be explored further, however, as there may have been additional factors involved in the association.reduce-prostate

  7. After sex, the relaxation-inducing hormone prolactin is released, which may help you to nod off more quickly. The “love hormone” oxytocin, released during orgasm, also promotes sleep.improves-sleep

  8. Sex triggers your body to release its natural feel-good chemicals, helping to ease stress and boost pleasure, calm and self-esteem. Research also shows that those who have sexual intercourse responded better when subjected to stressful situations like speaking in public.stress-relief

  9. The more often you have sex, the more likely you are to want to keep doing it. There’s a mental connection there but also a physical one, particularly for women. More frequent sex helps to increase vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity, which in turn make sexual activity more enjoyable.boost-libido

  10. Sexual Intercourse helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which contract during orgasm. This can help women to improve their bladder control and avoid incontinence. You can boost this benefit even more by practicing Kegel exercises during sex (a Kegel squeeze is performed by drawing your lower pelvic muscles up and holding them up high and tight, as if you’re trying to stop a flow of urine).bladder-control



Time is Entrepreneurs/Chiropractors and Chiropractic Student’s most valuable resource.  What makes a difference between those that are good and those that are great is how we use that time outside our offices or outside school.  We could either spend it in things that aren’t productive (watching Real Housewives, playing Xbox, etc.) or you can make sure that every second of your most valuable asset is used to making you better!


By:  Dr. Matt Lindsay