No Matter What….TDT Has A Book For That – By: Dr. Matt Lindsay


I was at a seminar this past weekend and I was listening to Dr. Guy Riekeman speak. If you have never heard Dr. Guy speak….make a point to! He is infectious (In a good way)! After he spoke, I made my way up to his table to talk to him. In the middle of catching up with Dr. Guy, he stopped and said….”So what book are you reading right now?” I said The Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer. So I ask you the same question…What book are you reading right now to make you better??

Round bookshelf

In business, the right book at the right moment can tilt the playing field and give you a crucial advantage. These thirty-seven business books have personally made a huge difference for me. In fact, they’re the best I’ve ever read.

Big Picture

These are all books that have shifted how I think about business as such. They’ve had a direct impact on the success I’ve experienced so far.


When we’re working in a business, it’s easy to forget about working on the business. But it’s essential to to focus on the business if we want to keep moving ahead and growing.


Personal and professional achievement are high values for me. That’s why I read a lot on the topic of productivity. These have been game-changers for me.


As a corporate executive and now the leader of a rapidly growing small business, leadership is more than a concept; it’s my everyday experience. A few of these are not straight leadership books, but they’ve been very influential on my leadership.


Great products deserve great marketing. But the ground is always shifting. These books represent the core philosophy, strategy, and tactics for successful marketing in today’s environment.


I’ve been professionally speaking for several years, but presentations are part of almost any job. Learning to do it well can be critical to our success. It’s been key for me. I’ve read many books in this category, but these have had the most impact on my approach to presentations.

By: Dr. Matt Lindsay

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